Kimberly Patten


By appointment only

Phone: 208-724-2334
Instagram: kimberhairco

I believe that hair can transform a person and help them present their best, most confident self to the world.  

Since 2007 I have followed my passion for color, texture, and design as a cosmetologist.

 I am a NBR (Natural Beaded Rows TM) hair extension specialist.  I absolutely believe this is overall the best hair extension method!  I love witnessing the transformation that occurs when a client has the hair of their dreams.  It is the best part of my day! Natural Beaded Row extensions are the most gentle, least invasive, long wearing extensions available.  There is no tape, glue, or exorbitant amount of beads.  It truly is amazing! 

I also specialize in color and love keeping up on the latest color techniques.  Continuing education is so important! Babylights, Balayage…..or whatever your hair needs to make it uniquely yours….that’s what I love doing most. Creating fun fantasy color compositions totally rocks my day. 

Before I trained as a cosmetologist, I had numerous experiences where I left a salon totally bummed about my hair, and ended up going to the grocery store, buying a box of color, and completely coloring over everything.  Because of my experiences, I try to do a thorough consultation so that both you and I are on the same page and I understand your hair goals and desires.  I welcome pictures for reference.

When not at the salon, I enjoy spending time with my husband, going for walks, learning about random odds and ends, and procrastinating folding the laundry.

I am so grateful for everyone who trusts me with their hair.  Thank you!